As an educator myself, I’m impressed

I hope I can express in words how grateful I am to Kristin, Graham and the entire Brighten Academy family. From day one my son has enjoyed his time at his school. I did have my son in “daycare” with a loving family, but when he turned 1.5 years old he needed more structure and mental stimulation. Brighten Academy has provided my son with caring teachers, new friends, a safe learning environment where he has excelled in so many ways. He looks forward to school and comes home a happy boy. As an educator myself, I’m impressed with the academic work he has learned and completed. I feel confident that Brighten Academy has already prepared my son for kindergarten and above. I almost worry what is left for him to learn in kindergarten. I am thankful for the level of care and detail that is taken to plan out his day. I consider this site a “prep school” for my son’s future. His personal milestones and academic achievement have been exceeded thanks to the support of Brighten Academy.