Every classroom environment engages children in learning

Any parent you speak to will tell you there is much stress involved in finding a preschool for your child. You are not only looking for a school that will provide enrichment and learning, but most importantly a school and staff that gives you piece of mind that your child is being cared for in a nurturing and safe environment. Brighten Academy surpasses this expectation in so many ways. Every classroom environment engages children in learning in an active and exciting manner, the kids are enthusiastic and positive about learning. Brighten treats children as whole people, and teaches them to value and respect each other. I have two boys both of which are complete opposites from each other in everything from their personalities to the way they learn. This is where I believe Brighten excels over other schools. The teachers are amazing! They are able to identify how to not only teach a child but how to connect with that child. The teachers at Brighten engage the children by their interests, and make learning so much fun the kids just soak it up! When you enroll at Brighten you don’t become part of a school, you become part of the Brighten Family.